Being More Proactive!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve given any bit of attention to CUSAN (my acronym for this site). I’m aiming to change that. The last week or maybe the week before, I migrated the MySQL database from version 5.1 to the current one that my web host offers, version 5.5. Now that I know this website is stable with the database migration, I’m going to continue to add content gradually. Recently, I received some car brochures from Monterrey, Nuevo León, México from a dealer selling Peugeot automobiles. My mom took a trip there for medical reasons, leaving me and dad hanging to do the chores the past two weeks and she gave these to me after she got back. These brochures cover the 2017 model lineup for Peugeot in México. It’s all in Spanish, but I can read and understand the language well enough to translate the key elements of each and every model. This is my next project.

Since this is Easter weekend, Happy Easter!